a musical

William Wade, composer and lyricist (email)
Frank Blocker, bookwriter (email, playwright homepage)

Show History
  • July 24, 3:00 pm - reading at Midtown International Theatre Festival/NYC, Thursday.
  • Staged reading at Emerging Artists Theatre/NYC as part of Notes from a Page, June 14, 2008.
  • Table reading with Jamibeth Margolis, Director, February 2008
  • Songs presented in various cabaret venues throughout the city
  • Off-Broadway option, November 2005-April 2007
  • Reading at York Theatre (Development Series), December 2004 (cast list)
  • Various selections presented at Cast Party at the King Kong Room, 2003-4
  • Honorable mention, Theatre Resources Unlimited reading series, 2003
  • Mentor session with Pat Cook and Frederic Fryer
  • Reading at the BMI Workshop, 2002
Hopeful young Alice finds Wonderland filled with freedom of oppression, sexual misambiguities, and a knight too tired for fight. A soaring score sets the stage for a richly dense comedy about finding inner strength and happiness amidst the chaos.

Dramatis Personae
Song List
Sample Dialogue

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