Stage This, TOO! 10-Minute Play Competition: How to Apply

3 Step Process

Step One:
Email your play(s) to us.

    Step Two:
Send fee via Paypal.
I am submitting 1 play, $15
I am submitting 2 plays, $25
    Step Three:
Complete the submission form below.
You may still opt to use snail mail
by printing this form, filling it out,
and including it with money order and
hard copy of your plays via snail mail.

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Stage This, Too! Application Form
Presented by Fn Productions and

Email used to submit to Paypal
Other email address, if applicable
We do not keep or share emails except for the purposes of this contest.
Title of Play #1
Title of Play #2
Zip Code
Home Telephone
Cell (alternate) Telephone
Include webpage if you would like a
free link from
If you have agent representation,
please provide contact information
Would you like to receive written feedback from the adjudicators? Yes     No

  I certify that the play(s) I have submitted has(have) not been previously published. I also grant Fn Productions and rights to publish and to perform a reading or series of readings in New York City wihtout royalty payment. Fn Productions will include a statement in the published book explaining that purchase of the book does not grant rights or permission to perform the work.

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