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Creative Mechanics is dedicated to plays that fascinate and challenge both artists and audiences, while pushing the art form itself in new and compelling ways. We believe that plays of this caliber can often be found outside the canon, and that a play's quality is not always proportional to its renown.

Creative Mechanics' Re: Discovery Program seeks out these unheralded dramatic gems. A forgotten work by a famous playwright. The lone play written by a novelist or critic. A play that premièred to great success but was quickly, inexplicably forgotten over time. Or, simply, a play that remains unjustly ignored.

The Re: Discovery Program sponsors informal public readings and discussions with company members and invited guests. Plays read at previous Re: Discovery readings include Gabriel by George Sand, The Empire Builders by Boris Vian, and Zastrossi by George F. Walker.

We welcome all interested theatre lovers and professionals to join us for the Re: Discovery Readings, which are held bi-monthly and will be announced on this page.

To receive more information, suggest a play that merits consideration, or to attend a reading, please e-mail us at

In addition to illuminating lost plays, the Re: Discovery Program works as the research and dramaturgical arm of Creative Mechanics. Our goal is to provide the director, designers and actors with a full range of research material on each play performed: author biographies, production histories, inspirational elements, and details about the play's geographical, social, political, and chronological settings. The Re: Discovery Program serves as a link between the artists and the audience, providing theatergoers with background information designed to enhance their overall experience.

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