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Reviews of Past Performances for Frank Blocker

Southern Gothic Novel
Drama Desk Award Winner-nominee
Outstanding Performance in a Solo Play
"Flawless"   *   "Brilliant"   *   "A Standout"

"Blocker is a standout. Apparently, he can act in any position."
   - The New York Times, 1/27/2009, Anita Gates

"I am in awe of Frank Blocker."
   - The Cinema Source, 3/15/2009, Carey Purcell

"Unique and utterly brilliant, Southern Gothic Novel is a must-see for anyone interested in innovative, beyond-the-fringe theater."
   - The Philadelphia Bulletin, 1/30/2009, Sam Oglesby

"What a delight to watch even villainous characters imbued with so much life and charm."
   - Backstage Magazine, 1/22/2009, Mark Peikert

"If there are any casting directors out there looking for a first rate character actor, please check out Southern Gothic to see the extremely talented Frank Blocker perform."
   - Talk Entertainment, 1/22/2009, Oscar E. Moore

Zombies From The Beyond (musical)
"Versatle"   *   "Picture-Perfect"   *   "Energetic"

"Versatile character actor Frank Blocker is terrific as the military commander and father."
   - Horror Works LA, Scott Feinblatt, 2014

"Including the comically stiff Major (Blocker), they’re a singing, dancing, talented bunch."
   - Musicals in LA, Ellen Dostal, 2014

"Frank Blocker is a picture-perfect old-time military man. I could just see him harassing Major Nelson in I Dream of Jeannie."
   - Busy Beth’s Blog, Beth Fisher, 2014

"Blocker and Gotham in particular deserve great big shout-outs (as they usually do) for their energy, talent and successful over-the-top interpretations."
   - David MacDowell Blue, Night-Tinted Glasses, 2014

The Baby
"Outrageous"   *   "Virtuoso"    *   "Shakespearean"

"The fact is, Frank Blocker owns every inch of this role, is in charge of every moment. He is an actor, as they say, fully in command of his instrument. It is such a thoughtfully charted persona, it's almost Shakespearean in magnitude."
   - Mad Theatrics, Andrew Moore, 2013

"It superbly stars Blocker as Mama Wadsworth, the deranged matriarch of the craziest clan this side of Spider Baby.”
   - Fangoria Magazine, NY Times bestselling author John Skipp, 2013

"It’s camp, served up in both high and low forms: Dry, straight-faced readings of outrageous lines (there’s both gravity and comedy in Blocker’s Mama),"
   - Creepy LA, Richard Becker, 2013

"Frank is a master of his voice and body. He is able to control his body language and mannerisms painting a picture of a distraught middle-aged woman perfectly. Layer on top of that his voice control; from happy through angry to scared and you have a complete package."
   - The Blank Detective, Spencer Cotter, 2013

Stabilized Not Controlled
"We Love It"   *   "Authentic"    *   "Amazing"

"Frank Blocker may be performing a funny 70-minute show, but he is working harder than most ensembles I’ve seen. His characters’ voices are all distinctive, and it works as a fast-paced whole. Very New York!"
   - New York Theatre Experience, May 2012

"He races from character to character and place to place at lightning speed, dragging us along with our hair flying behind us. And we love it. These people are eccentric but ring true. 

Go! Enjoy!"
   - Electronic Link Journey/, May 2012

The Deep Throat Sex Scandal
"Perfection"   *   "Breathtaking"    *   "A Triumph"

"Let's get to the meat: the redoubtable character actor Blocker delivers."
   - New York Magazine, October 2010

"As always, it’s Blocker who proves to be the real delight of the evening."
   - New York Press

"Blocker is outstanding. He expertly delivers a show-stopping monologue."
   - The New York Theatre Experience (

"Blocker delivers."
   - Backstage Magazine

"If this were a musical, the big show stopper would belong to Blocker."
   - CurtainUp

"Convincingly, Blocker breaks the house down with his excellent comedic timing."
   - Best of Off-Broadway

Lovecraft: Nightmare Suite (2nd run, replacement cast)
"Spooky"   *   "Intelligent"

"The minute you walk in the theater you are intrigued. Frank Blocker (Actor) goes into ‘Dreams’ an essay inspired by Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle, they are certainly not the sweet kind. Frank’s a little spooky with his white face and a Boris Karloff persona."
   - The Los Angeles Post, Rose Desena, 2014

"Intelligently chiseled from Lovecraft’s writing, which are framed by Frank Blocker doing a tasty turn as Howard Phillips, Lovecraft’s narrative doppelganger."
   - Working Author (, Earnest Kearney, 2014

The Mystery Plays
"Terrific"   *   "Accomplished"    *   "Thrilling"

"Elevated by a supremely accomplished ensemble (including versatile standout Frank Blocker) tackling multiple roles in a wryly poetic, keenly probing and spooky meditation on the unspoken fears."
   - LA Weekly, Dec 2013

"A terrific character actor."
   - HorrorWorks, Scott Feinblatt, Dec 2013

"Blocker gives Mister Mystery just the right mellifluous tones, sounding nothing at all like his pair of train conductors’ spot-on N’Hampshah (or thereabouts) accents or his no-nonsense delivery as a pair of lawmen or his folksy cemetery caretaker."
   - Stage Scene LA, Steven Stanley, Dec 2013

“In addition, there was not enough to be seen, heard or experienced of Mr. Frank Blocker who is beyond the pale, capable of putting the thrill into any thriller and whose entrances and exits, when we were treated to them, nicely anchored, notched up and ended this production with just the right tone and edge. Alas, his part in these plays was not elaborate and the audience is denied some small excitement. "
   - Gia On The Move, Tracy Paleo, Dec 2013


Southern Gothic Novel Brochure:
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"He is a fascinating Mortimer."
        — Theater Mania, 2005, Edward II

"Frank Blocker as Roderick Usher could simply sit on stage and stare at the audience for the hour and I’d still be petrified."
        — Talkin’ Broadway, 2004,
Fall of the House of Usher

"Blocker steals the show."
        — New York Times, 2001,
            Eula Mae’s Beauty, Bait & Tackle























































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