Macbeth: The Murder Mystery graphic MACBETH: THE MURDER MYSTERY
by Frank Blocker and Lydia Bolen-Gordon

Tray MacBride has ambitions, but his wife's ambitions are a bit larger, and his mother-in-law's are even bigger than that. This parody of That Scottish Play as told through the murder mystery genre follows a man in search of power and those who crumble around him. Three endings are provided for a director to do with what they will, but mostly to make fun of the varying interpretations of whodunit that come from the hoity-toity scholar crowd. Hey, even Shakespeare knew that theatre was about the audience having a good time.

  • full-length
  • comedy
  • 3 role for men AND 3 role for women, (one actor plays multiple characters)
  • several private readings, no productions
Running time: 90 minutes, 1 intermission (though there are officially 3 acts)

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