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About the Play

Drama Desk Award-nominated monologist Frank Blocker takes on New York City apartment dwellers and the surrounding populous in this funny and edgy character study about NYC landlord/tenant issues and the City that tries to control it. "Killer Joe" Tennent, the landlord is in a race against the impending new subway line: get the old tenants out so he can raise rent. And in New York City landlord style, that's by any means necessary. His nemesis, Lorna B. in 2E, is a septuagenarian sex addict in recovery. Den mother to all, Lorna perches in her second floor window and watches. But she's not to be messed with.

The play was developed over a two-year period using conversations and situations witnessed in and around Manhattan and utilizing the talents of coaches, directors and dramaturges. What began as Fearless Moral Inventory featuring on the recovery efforts in an age of addiction, the play was renamed as the plot that served as a background came to the forefront. Helena Judd worked on development and Cheryl King began working as a dramaturge. Playwright and performer Frank Blocker then utilized the vocal coaching skills of Amy Jones while working for a year with Kathy Kelly Christos on staging and character development. Jeffrey Edward Peters directed the show into its current production with continued advisement for Ms. King. A great solo show does not happen alone.

Blocker first focused on the unlikable characters in the City, or those whose agendas could use understanding. Any resemblance to real landlord/tenant issues, including that of the playwright, is simply inevitable.

This play has already become a critical and controversial darling while going through the long workshop process. But then again, to quote the show, "Everybody's a hero in their own head."

"A writer and actor extraordinaire. This play should be nominated for
a Pulitzer for the unique way it views life."

  -Times Square Chronicle

Frank Blocker as JP 'Ringo' Georges from Stabilized Not Controlled

From Drama Desk Award recipient in Solo Performance and TmeOut NY Audience Favorite, Frank Blocker

directed by Jeffrey Edward Peters
Edward Morris—Scenic Design
Kenneth Allen—Sound Design
Kathy Kelly-Christos, Amy Jones, Helena (Gleissner) Judd and Cheryl King—development

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