Pages of E-Merging Writers' Past

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A page dedicated to pages of the the past, when E-Merging Writers was just a twinkle in my ... heck, I don't know. 


Where'd That Company Go?

All good things come to an end -- theatre companies as well.  Creative Mechanics is no more but it's history is preserved in pages on the web.  Why?  Because the company left a footprint.  And that's important.


I'll Even Be Digging Up the 90s

I'll be digging up confessions of a secretary and Postcards from Graceland soon, but need to check with the authors.  Back in the early days of webdom, Rochelle Burdine wrote a short series exploring the unattended daydreams and speculations of a very smart gal Friday and Timothy State had us enthralled with the on-the-scene reports of his visit to Graceland on the 20th anniversary of the horrific tragedy of losing the wiggly-hipped-one.  As soon as I get them to say okay, I'll tack those pages back on.   

Before It Was A Novel and Before There Were Blogs, There Was Queer Chronicles

Queer Chronicles was originally a blog, before there were blogs.  The book is available at AmazonSend smooches to Kenneth and save the lame excuses as to why you didn't buy the book.  There are three different groupings of Queer Chronicles entries:

You may also click the Second Biggest Queen in New York City (below) to view the current brew of Queer Chronicles.

Old Personnel Files

There have been a few writers attached to these pages.  Some references to their work are here.  There's Ian Titus (short story author, poet), William Wade (composer, lyricist), Rochelle Burdine (writer, playwright, actress), Murray Scott Changar (novelist, playwright, director), Gabriel Shanks (playwright, director, also being fabulous at Modern Fabulousity), and Frank Blocker (novelist, playwright, actor) ...

Did I Forget Somethin'?

If there's something I've missed, let me know